Monday, February 28, 2011

antoinette's revolution cosmetics: up & coming.

well hai there! & welcome to my first review of a shop. (:  yes, i am a shop owner myself [a fairly new one at that] but that doesn't mean i can't offer the advice that was given to me to some wonderful up & coming stores. my first review is for the wonderful, racheal, who is one of the founders of antoinette's revolution cosmetics [arc]. aside from the amazing colors, how can i not want to review her? the first time i saw her profile picture i wanted to stalk be friends with her - she had pink hair! how can someone with pink hair not be cool? ^__^

anywho, i bought a scale off of her to help with my shop & she asked if i would like to partake in the tester group for arc. well certainly i would! i love trying [& having] other company colors. so here is the overall screenshot of everything:

lets first talk about packaging:
it was mailed to me in a bubble mailer, even though i wasn't a paying customer or a tester - nor did any one [including myself] know that i would start a review blog. aside from shipping in boxes - bubble mailers are the next best thing. (: inside said bubble mailer was my scale, the samples, & a thank you note all wrapped in pretty black tissue paper - very classy.

lovin' the stickers. <3

my thank you note. (:

on a sadder note, the cute little box that housed my samples came open during transit. ):  the adhesive on the boxes weren't strong enough to hold in shipping - so i would suggest using additional adhesive on the box.
sad box. ):

the eyeshadow samples:
they came in baggies. rather large baggies for the size of the sample. blehk. however! racheal told me the bags she usually uses were out of stock & they will be in stock for their grand opening may 1st. 

dauphin [yellowy-gold] ; majesty [deep purple] ; ladies in waiting [nudey-pinkish] ; icing collection purple [pale shimmery, well, purple]
the colors are as true as they come. they do not look different in the bags as they do on skin. they are amazing.. go on smooth & are ridiculously bright & vibrant [well, save for the icing collection purple & ladies in waiting - theyre pale because, well, theyre suppose to be & majesty is dark... ok, so i guess only dauphin is vibrant XD]. the only thing i would suggest is including an ingredients label with the samples. yes, this is not necessary, i just know that i would make people feel better. oh! & including ingredients in the listing [be it on etsy, fb, artfire, etc] is a major plus.

L->R: dauphin, icing collection: purple, ladies in waiting, majesty. applied dry [no primer, no base, just my bare skin]
these are all applied with only one application - i did not have to go over them more than once to get a gorgeous & consistent color.

while their shop isn't officially open yet, racheal has said that her & her partner are looking at pricing their 5g jars at $5 a pop ; that's $1 per gram. average priced. now, do not quote me on this price since they're still in the testing & research phase.

hmm... can't really think of anything else to put except that i am DYING to purchase from them once they open. what? can't another mineral makeup formulator buy some from other companies?? besides, i like racheal. she is an awesome lady! she has informed me that if you have any questions for her about the shop to feel free to email her at: