Thursday, March 10, 2011

everyone needs to get the virus!

i had a wonderful opportunity to meet some of the most lovely & thoughtful women through a private facebook group designed specifically for mineral makeup [mmu] formulators & hoarders wearers [is that a word?] alike. i got the chance to meet jenni of virus insanity eyeshadows; sweet, loving, somewhat neurotic - in a good way i swear! when perusing through her eyeshadows folders on the fan page, i just knew i had to have some. there was no want.. it was a need. so tax time rolled around, i bought supplies for my own shop, paid off bills, & then dove into the world of vie.

there were so many pretties to choose from... how could i just have one? or two? or even ten!? i want them aaaaallll! unfortunately, i don't have that kind of money so i limited myself to $20 + shipping costs. i got her random 6 for $20 + $5 shipping. So $25 for 6 5g jars [each hold about 2.5g as per the label]; that boils down to $3.34/jar & $1.34/gram - if my math serves me right... a bit on the high end in my opinion but so worth every penny. (:

here are the goodies: [please note that i kinda destroyed the envelope they came in trying to get them out. i was a very impatient girl today. especially since the post office completely skipped over oklahoma & sent it to texas before sending it back up -- it's coming from wyoming! why is it going to texas first?! this is a story for another time tho.]

L » R || Top Row: Dance Dance, Ferris Wheel, & Icicle
L » R || Middle Row: Party Hard, Plaid is Rad, & Tree Hugger
L » R || Bottom Row: Shapeshifter & Perverse [sample]
By now you're probably thinking: 'but becca, theres seven full size eyeshadows, not six! wth?!'  welp, ms. jenni has a special deal going on in our mmu group that if we're a first time buyer we get a free full size shadow - this is if you're in the group only. anyhow, i didn't choose any of my colors; i asked her too. She did, however, include colors i've been fiend-ing over since we first met: dance dance & tree hugger [which was mainly for the name but its one of my faves out of the bunch]

now on to swatches! please keep in mind these are all applied dry. meaning: no primer, no base, no foiling, nothing. just my bare skin. i don't want to change the effects of the colors & have people oooh & aahhh over a color because its primered-wet-based & then they try it dry & hate it. so, here we go.

L » R || dance dance, ferris wheel, & icicle
color descriptions [per the website]:
dance dance: orangeish yellow with rainbow glitter and silver rainbow hologram glitter.
ferris wheel: Medium pink with green iridescence and lime glitter. NON VEGAN
icicle:  Cold blue with dark purple glitter and silver rainbow hologram glitter.
L » R || party hard, plaid is rad, & tree hugger
color descriptions [per the website]:
party hard:Deep purple with purple iridescence and rainbow hologram glitter. NON VEGAN
plaid is rad: lime green with lime green glitter.
tree hugger: A frosty olive green with brown and green glitter
L » R || shapeshifter & perverse
 color descriptions [per the website]:
perverse: Yellow with purple iridescence. Contains light purple glitter.
shapeshifter:Deep matte black with blue, teal, and light purple glitter. 
all the colors jen gave me had wonderful pay off. the shimmer & glitter is so hard to capture at the angle i was taking pictures but they're there. promise. (: the only thing i had an issue with was "shapeshifter"... the stinky glitter either a: wasnt showing or b: had severe fall out ): either way, not a happy becca. the pretty blue sparkles in the jar as just, well, pretty! :D

onto the overview:

packaging: nothing fancy. bubble mailer with the pretties inside which are in a tightly wrapped plastic baggie.
shipping: super quick! omgosh she had it shipped the day i ordered! [ok, well, i ordered on a friday afternoon but it was packed & shipped on monday] & it comes with a delivery confirmation number. now if we can only slap the PO for giving me a heart attack saying my pretties were sitting in texas for 2 days. =/
overall quality: i love. <3 like i said i couldnt get the sparkles in shapeshifter to show, but i'll ask jen for advice or i'll foil it-base it-prime it... i'll update when i find out whats up.
customer service: wonderful! i gave jen free reign on picking my colors & she did a great job. + she remembered our convo about me lusting for tree hugger.

would i recommend VIE? heck yes! go. now.

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  1. I actually quite like Pretty Hard! Still waiting for Jenni to reorganize her swatch photos so that it would be easier for me to select the colors I'd like to purchase :)