Friday, March 25, 2011

Rockin' like a Betty.

So this has been a looooooooooong time coming. I ordered from an amazing pinup-esque shop called RcokaBetty Beauty. They can be found on etsy & they have a facebook fan page. As part of my "spoiling allowance" from our tax return, I decided to try this girl out. I've been stalking her etsy since I met her in the top secret squirrel make-up group [yep, this group will get me in trouble]. I placed an order from Miss Kim on March 4th & received it the 12th. She had all ready informed me there was a delayed turnaround time so I wasn't too horribly worried. Besides 8days isn't bad. :D  & that was with the shipping. I'm not exactly sure when it was processed.

Anywho! onto the goodies! I ordered the "After Party - Threesome to Go, 3 mini (3g jar) shades" & "Snuff - Mini Lid Luster Eyeshadow, 3g jar" for $13.98 [after shipping]. So in total, 4 3g jars for $14. Average it out to about $3.50 for a 3g jar or roughly $1.17 per gram. Now remember, these are filled by volume, not weight. Lets take a look at everything.


yayy for censors!

personal thank you note & cute little bag that houses everything.

inside the pop corn bag.
the extras; sample, sticker, business card, & double ended makeup brush.
 So before we dive into looking at the pigments & their packaging, I would just like to say that I adore this packaging. The mini vintage-esque popcorn bag is to die for & the business card just screams pin-up. I'm also quite obsessed with the "Warning: May be habit forming" sticker - so obsessed that it's now homed on the back of my phone.
don't mind the pic being upside down. too lazy to rotate.  

Everything came shrink wrapped. (: That's awesome! Especially since there was no sifter [yayyy! I hate sifters. It holds my pigmies hostage D: ] & it was packed to the brim! The brim I tell you!!

All of these are swatched dry on bare skin. (:  I am quite please with the pigmentation of these. I am in lalalalove with maneater [the hot pink!] & snuff [the blue]. 
L » R: bullet, snuff, floozy, maneater, & fleshy
Descriptions as per Etsy:
» bullet: A shimmery, sparkly silver
» snuff: A soft, lush turquoise loaded with tons of glitter
» floozy: A sexy, smokey plum loaded with fuschia glitter
» maneater: A sexy hott, vibrant pink loaded with hot pink, bright blue, neon orange and neon green glitter
» fleshy: A shimmering, peachy caramel

The descriptions are pretty spot on. The only thing is when I apply maneater, I don't see any glitter just hot pink awesomeness. Not that its a problem for me but I think the mica to pigment ratio is a bit off if the glitter is suppose to be noticeable. Again, NOT a problem for me. (:

Based on my total cost of purchase, I estimated about $3.50 per 3g jar. However, according to Etsy it is $3.99 for a 3g jar & $6.99 for a 10g jar [yes! she offers big jars! :D]. So I wasn't off by much but buying the "After Party" 3 deal for $9.00 saves you $2.97 if you like the color combos she offers. So ultimately buying more saves you more. :D
Overall, I was very happy with my experience from RABB. (: I would totally recommend her. :D

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  1. I ordered some samples from her :D I can't wait to get them! Might need to buy full sizes because I love the way she packs them.